Sunday, February 05, 2006

Now how to improve your way of dealing with difficult patient OSCEs?

How to improve your clinical skills of dealing with difficult patient OSCEs?

As Objective Structured Clinical Examination stations (OSCE Exam) are simulation of real life medical encounters. Difficult to deal with patient scenarios will be also seen in these exams. These difficult behaviours will be seen either embedded as a short part of the station scenario or as a full station by itself.

We need to prepare ourselves to these difficult patient OSCEs because we will be assessed mainly for our communication skills in these OSCE exam stations.

These OSCE Exams need a lot of empathy too but be careful don't act as a social worker. Act as an attending caring efficient physician and use the communication skills as a mean, not as a goal.

We have gathered information, tips, and step by step guide of how to deal with difficult patient OSCEs in one easy to read and memorize ebook "How To Unlock Difficult Medical Encounters". We need your opinion for the second edition. Download it now, study it, and blog or email your comments.

P.S: You are invited to email or blog your comments.

Dr. Alimari, MD
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